Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Throw the Seed

Matthew 13:3-23 is the Parable of the Sower. In that parable a farmer throws seed onto pieces of land that would never produce a harvest. He threw it on a path, a rocky place, among thorns, and also on good soil. In each instance, except on the good soil, the seed did not produce what it was meant to. We can read this parable and miss a key point: Though most of the objects the seeds landed on did not produce; the objective was that the seed was thrown onto them regardless.

A wise and conservative farmer would never throw seed onto soil that would never produce a crop. However, a reckless farmer would. A reckless farmer would throw out seed unconditionally.

In sharing our faith we can become too wise and conservative to the point that if we feel that the seed of the gospel won't be produced in a persons life we don't bother throwing out the seed. That is never the point of the gospel. We don't pick and choose who God reaches.

We need to be like the reckless farmer who throws out the seed undaunted by where it may fall and what may happen. The reckless farmer loses a lot of energy throwing the seed everywhere but God will bless his harvest.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the Chase

You ever have your kids come and chase after you? It's one of my favorite games to play with Caleb.

When I tell Caleb to, "come and get me" instantly a smile breaks across his face and he lunges toward me. I move...the CHASE begins. As we're running around the house laughing and giggling I let him get close enough that when he's just about to get me I sprint off. Then an outburst of laughter rolls out from the bottom of his little feet and he continues his joyous pursuit.

Sometimes in the house I get far enough away from him where I go to my secret hiding place (he's never found me there yet). I get in there and I listen. I listen to the sound of my son wanting me so badly that he's running up and down the hall laughing and asking himself, "Where's Daddy?"

Now I can tell when he's about to get upset so I let him catch me or find me (somewhere else). By that time I'm nearly out of breath anyway and want a break. Of course Caleb insists on another chase.

Caleb's pursuit of me is what our pursuit of God should look like: excitable, joyful, nothing else matters including the landmine of toys. Jeremiah 29:13 says,

You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart.
Now I could totally disappear out of Caleb's grasp if I wanted to, I have that ability over a 3 year old. I don't because I want him to enjoy the chase. God doesn't use all of His ability to vanish from us; He wants to be pursued. He's never out of reach just waiting for the moments we catch Him.

If I asked any adult to "come and get me" they'd think I'm nuts. All of us can get comfortable and forget what it's like to pursue our Daddy. We need to be in reckless pursuit. My son doesn't chase me just because I told him to. He chases because he loves the moment he catches me. I know God does too.

So what are you waiting for...start the CHASE.