Thursday, September 16, 2010

To the Flight Attendants

Recently the family and I were flying up to Alaska to see my in-laws. I don't know about you but when I get excited about a trip (or Christmas) I can't sleep the night before. So I'm pretty tired just to start off. We have two evening flights. We're expected to be in Alaska around mid-night and I have a 2 hour drive to get to the airport. So just like everyone else I tune out when I got on the plane. Especially during the "presentation".

As per FAA regulations every flight has the Flight Attendant Presentation. The demonstration on how to fasten your seat-belt...which I would get if you're under 2 yrs old and your mom and dad didn't care about you. Then they tell you where the doors are for your "convenience". Like I'm going to say mid-flight, "Hey let me off here". After that is all said and done they give the oxygen mask / flotation device location demonstration. Which is great to know because if I need any of those I hope we've landed in water that way it'll cover up any other "accident" that has occured. When all is said and done they tell you that you can find the demonstration on the "shoulda been listening" emergency card on the seat back pocket in front of you.

While all this is helpful information I know I don't pay attention and here is why...I look at everybody else who is not paying attention. People are sleeping. Whispering. Reading books. Doing work. Looking ahead aimlessly. Some are even mocking the flight attendant. And this happens on every flight.

You, flight attendants are so chipper trying to let everyone know what to do if they are about to DIE and no one seems to care. You may feel you're speaking to the wind. You may say to yourself, "I've done this a gazillion times and 99.99% of that gazillion times nobody pays attention." You may think that your job is pointless but it's not.

I remember one flight I was on and the plane hit some really harsh turbulance. I love rollercoasters; the more it pushes you the better. This one had me getting those butterflies in my stomach fluttering. I recall at one point as we dropped I was ready for that oxygen mask to drop or for the flight attendants to say, "Get your floaties".

Well I think your job is a lot like mine. I've preached salvation messages in churches, youth camps and street corners across America. I've seen people respond to the messages while others sleep. Whisper. Read the tithe envelope. Look aimlessly at me. I want to scream and say "Pay need this!"

I feel your frustration Flight Attendants. The thing is if we quit with our message it's quite possible that someone might slip by who has never heard.