Who I Am

I am a sinner given grace from a merciful God. The life I live now I do to give Him honor. Without Him I would not have this life.

I'm a Born Again hooligan. I strive to be like Christ everday and in every way.

I'm a husband, a father, a brother, a son.

I'm a leader, a servant, a friend, a pastor.

I'm in love with life, liberty and the pursuit of God.

I'm here to tell anybody about the Somebody who can save everybody.

I'm married to a marvelous woman who has added so much joy to my life. I have the most wonderful kids a guy could ever have. There isn't a day that I wish my life was different.

My passions:
God / / Wife / / my Children / / reading / / music / / Facebook/Twitter

Little Bio:
Born in New York, raised in Phoenix, Arizona, now live in Anchorage, Alaska. I went to American Indian College in Phoenix received a BA in Youth and Christian Education. Jobs I've held over the years are:  salesman (hated it), day porter (fancy title for janitor), security guard, pre-loader at UPS, Administrator for New Direction Resource Center and Pastor.

That's who I am.