Friday, September 19, 2008

Who In Hell Are You?

Reality TV finds a limitless amount of people who are willing to eat insects, lie in a bath tub of roaches, humiliate themselves trying to sing, dance, and match their intellect to 5th Graders. Why? Mostly because like one of today's popular songs says "I wanna be famous". Many people strive to do what they can to make their mark in this world. In this world, though, moments of fame come and go. The greatest mark a human can make in this world truly makes the biggest impact in the supernatural.

Accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord makes an impact on our present world. How we live, treat others, view social issues. Even more so "TRUE" Christians (emphasis on TRUE) also make a significant mark in the supernatural. We realize that the life we live in the flesh now is only temporary. In that realization there comes an action. An action that causes hell to tremble because a True Christian realized their purpose and authority.

"And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it." - Matthew 16:18

First lets get past the idea that this church has four walls, a steeple, a nice encouraging marquee in front. This is not a church that has a superior sound system, comfortable seats, a choir, or a pastor. The church talked about here has life. It has two legs to take the gospel message where ever it goes. It has two knees that are bent often in prayer. It has two arms to show compassion to those around it. It has two eyes to see the need for a loving Savior. It has only one mouth and that mouth speaks the Word of God with authority, authenticity, and love. It only has one heart that beats after the will of the One who established it. The church is the True Christian.

This verse is not a defensive scripture for the church. This verse isn't referring to the church being under siege by the enemy. Using this scripture as such is foolish and completely counterproductive to the true meaning of the church. This verse is about the church, or the True Christians, being on the offensive taking the battle to Hades. Look at this verse. The gates only belonged to the stronghold of that city. Gates don't fight a battle. They withstand the battle. True Christians take action in breaking down the strongholds of the enemy.

So who are the True Christians? They are famous. I don't mean televangelist famous. I don't mean mega church famous either. I'm talking about hella famous. They are famous in hell.

"And the evil spirit answered and said, 'Jesus I know, and Paul I know but who are you?'" - Acts 19:15

Of course, the evil spirit knew Jesus. Jesus took part in it's creation. At a time this evil spirit was holy and had dwelt with God. Until, along with Lucifer, this evil spirit rebelled. So this evil spirit knew Jesus well. It was Lucifer, aka Satan, who tried to have Jesus killed as a baby. It was Jesus who Satan personally tempted in the wilderness. It was Satan who prompted Judas to betray Jesus. And it is by the name of Jesus that evil spirits are cast out. Jesus is the King of kings so the evil spirit understood who the ruler was.

Paul, previously known as Saul was a great persecutor of True Christians. Yet one day he realized his need for Jesus as his Savior and took action. He told everyone he came into contact with about Jesus. Paul is a fantastic example of a True Christian. Leonard Ravenhill says this about Paul in his book Why Revival Tarries:

"He had no side issues, no books to sell. He had no ambitions - and so had nothing to be jealous about. He had no reputation - and so had nothing to fight about. He had no possessions - and therefore had nothing to worry about. He had no 'rights' - so therefore he could not suffer wrong. He was already broken - so no one could brake him. He was 'dead' - so no one could kill him. He was less than the least - so who could humble him? He had suffered the loss of all things - so none could defraud him. Does this throw light on why the demon said, 'Paul I know'? Over this God-intoxicated man, hell suffered headaches."

If we say we are Christians does hell know us? Is there a "Wanted" picture of us hanging up in hell saying, "Approach Carefully - Considered Armed and Extremely Dangerous"? Do we take hell by storm or are we overcome by the storm of hell? Do the gates of hell oppose us or are we comfortable inside those gates. We can only be on one side or the other. Are we like Paul? Do we give hell headaches? If you can't say that this is true about you; than more than likely you are not a True Christian. Only by name have you become a Christian.

Take time and think. Ask yourself, "Who in hell am I"? If you are a nobody in hell than you are a nobody in heaven. However, if you are a somebody in hell than you are a somebody in heaven.

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jared said...

dude, that was awesome. I needed to read that, to be reminded of that. I never read that verse like that! Very cool bro. BTW, I met a guy that lives up by corde' lane. (I know I spelled that wrong). Anyhoo, good stuff man!