Friday, January 9, 2009

LIFE Journaling

Hey everybody -

Just wanted to tell ya what has been going on recently since I haven't blogged in a bit. The beginning of this year myself and the leaders of Lapwai Assembly of God have committed to LIFE Journal.

What is a LIFE Journal? Well the idea came from Wayne Cordeiro, pastor of New Hope in Hawaii. It is a fabulous tool for every Christian to grow in their faith. There is a Daily Bible Reading Plan that you read each day. When you have completed the reading for the day you write down the scripture(s) that spoke to you. Then you write down what you have observed. Then of course you write down how you will apply this in your life. Finally, take it a step further and write out a prayer asking God to help you become different because of what was read.

We have read for over a week and I have been extremely blessed. I would encourage you to do a LIFE Journal. You can find the Daily Reading on our church's website: If you would like to purchase an official LIFE Journal with the Daily Reading Plan and other helpful tips for journaling visit or call 1-877-755-9555. It is worth the investment of your time and money for your relationship with God to flourish.

Many Blessing to you and to yours.

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