Monday, April 4, 2011

Say It If It's Worth Savin' Me

Nickelback has a song entitled:  Savin' Me. The chorus of the song says:

             And say it for me, say it to me
             And I'll leave this life behind me
             Say it if it's worth saving me

The video of Savin' Me has a guy who gets saved from a near death situation. His salvation makes him aware of the countdown looming over people's heads. At the end of the video that guy sees a young woman whose countdown is plummeting and he rescues her; which makes her aware of the countdown.

Although it's to illustrate the message of the song, there really is a countdown looming over everyone. We don't know when we'll breathe our last breath. We don't know what tomorrow holds for us. I don't know the time that I will die, but I am confident that whenever that time comes I'll be headed to heaven.

That confidence is great but it should push me towards giving others an opportunity to have that same confidence.

Every single True Christian should be running the streets in an attempt to let people know about the salvation that we have. But we're too comfortable in our church pew. We don't want to give up our seat to make room for another. So in affect we tell Jesus to take His Great Commission and shove it. Can I tell you if we neglect to tell others I feel what we are saying to them is "You are not worth saving".

We are not saved to take up a seat at the church. We are saved to reach others.

Just say it if it's worth saving ____________ (insert name).

Why do you call me, "Lord," and do not do what I say? - Luke 6:46

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J. Lopez said...

Great exhortation, sir! I know i definitely need to make more non-Christian friends and let them know about the gospel!

My name is juan, feel free to follow my blog and drop me some comments. take care!